The advantages of building a passive house

Thanks to solar energy, ventilation and good thermal insulation, it maintains a mild ambient temperature all year round. A passive house is composed of a simple structure and should be oriented south if possible to collect as much energy as possible. Discover : . The idea of passive housing was born in the 1970s after many tests and is based on German construction criteria: passive housing is more expensive to build than so-called “traditional” housing. Its citizens will probably save money in the long term, even if its cost could be 20% higher.

What is positive energy?

Building a positive energy house is an important undertaking for the project developer. To be able to see it completed according to the rules of the art. It is always in good taste to be accompanied for a project of this magnitude. Discover more information about property for sale Cannes : . Exotic structures require special experience, better a specialist qualification that allows you to obtain while reducing energy inputs that meet the criteria. There are many passive house builders, but the most important thing is to find out who has the right skills for this type of building.

To know more about it

As its name suggests, there is an energy house that produces more than it absorbs. In practice, this means that it can produce its own energy in this way. It can cover both the main energy prices of these occupants (heating, hot water and auxiliary – ventilation as well as light) and those generated by domestic uses. With favourable energy houses, we are not strictly speaking talking about energy efficiency to be “achieved” but rather about “compensated” costs.

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