How and why build a passive house?

Thanks to energy, ventilation and thermal insulation, it maintains an ambient temperature all year round. A passive house has a fairly simple structure and should be oriented south when possible, so as to store as much energy as possible. For more informations : . The concept of a passive house was born in the 1970s after many tests and is based on German building standards: a passive house is more expensive to build than a so-called “conventional” house. Indeed, its price could be 20% higher, but its residents will probably save money in the long term through a reduction in their energy expenses.

Use the services of professionals in the field of single-family home construction

Building a positive energy home is an important project for the job developer. In order to see it realized according to the principles of art, it is in good taste to follow a project of this scope. For more informations about luxury rentals cannes, contact a professionnal . Exotic structures require special expertise, better a qualification that allows them to have, while reducing energy consumption, projects that meet the criteria. Some contractors are passive, but the most important problem is to find the one with all the appropriate skills for this type of building.

What is an energy house?

An energy house is also, as its name suggests, that it consumes. In practice, this means that it can create its own energy in this way by covering both the primary energy costs of these occupants (heating, hot water and auxiliary – ventilation as – and lighting) and those generated by domestic uses. With positive energy houses, we do not strictly speaking speak of energy performance to be “achieved” but rather of expenses to be “paid for”.

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